Right now China is ripe with opportunities for Australians wanting to break into the Chinese market – technology transfer, manufacturing and other opportunities. But how does an Australian company find the right partner, one they can trust, one who will do the job exactly how they want it done?

Talk to Grace&Young, a Sydney based consulting company, a professional China market development facilitator and market communication specialist; our focus is delivering professional services in China market entry strategy development and execution support to Australian businesses and organizations wishing to expand into China.

We provide one-stop China market development and communication support to meet your Chinese business needs.

We serve businesses, small or large, which have innovative products and services. Such businesses may have foreseen great market potentials in China, but are lacking in target market knowledge, cross cultural communication and business development skills, when pursuing the opportunities and doing business with China.

Together with our clients, we address challenging Chinese market questions such as:

  • Is the China market opportunity right for me?
  • How is my IP going to be protected in China?
  • Where do I start the journey of going to the China market?
  • How do I translate product value to the China market?
  • How do I deal with a Chinese manufacturer and build trust?
  • How do I develop partnerships with Chinese businesses?

Grace&Young brings Australian businesses to Chinese opportunities

To ensure our clients’ success, we listen to their core business needs, understand their business situations, and instrument practical marketing methodology in finding measured ways for them to do business with China.

Our Service – the New Initiative Package – consists of

  • Market Research, which is to find out whether your product has a place in the China market
  • Market Communication, which is to communicate your product value to the China market
  • Contact Facilitation, which is to find the right contact to start your business dealings with Chinese companies.

Find out more.

At Grace&Young, we take care of our clients’ China market development needs and challenges, helping them manage the market development process, and letting the business owners and executives focus on developing their core business and products.

We are committed to becoming your trustworthy local business partner for Chinese market communication and development.

Success Story

An Australian high technology company holds multiple innovation aSuccess story from Grace&Youngwards and international IPs. They envision a great potential for their products in the China market across multiple industry segments. The company is looking for distribution opportunities in the China market. The challenge for them was lack of necessary skills, capabilities and dedicated resources for this endeavour.

The company engaged G&Y for NIP Ongoing business-wide services, acting as the CEO’s China market development liaison. A dedicated G&Y consultant worked closely with the CEO, utilizing our expertise in China market development, answering incoming China inquiries, discovering under-developed China opportunities, improving internal marketing capabilities, and promoting products and business on behalf of the company.

As a result, the company’s China counterparts have gained a much better understanding of the company, its business and products, while the company has gained a lot more first-hand market information. G&Y has further helped the company to rapidly re-connect to the China market and businesses, developed market entry strategy for them to promote products in China market, and captured numerous interests from Chinese companies to establish business relationships with the company.

From its early stage of uncertainty, in one month, the company has set to enter into a new stage of promise in China market development

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